DreamHack Summer Groups

DreamHack Austin was less than a week ago and DreamHack Summer is just around the corner, and that means more CS:GO. Here are the groups and schedule for DreamHack Open at Summer!

11:40am Pre-show
12:00pm Group A – North vs Imperial
1:30pm Group B – Renegades vs compLexity
3:00pm Group A – AGO vs – GODSENT
4:30pm Group B – Gambit vs OpTic
6:00pm Group A – Winners Match
7:30pm Group B – Winners Match

SUNDAY June 17
09:40am Pre-show
10.00am Group A – Elimination match
1:00pm Group B – Elimination Match
4:00pm Group A – Decider Match
7:00pm Group B – Decider Match

MONDAY June 18
09:30am Pre-show
10:00am Semi-final #1
1:00pm Semi-final #2
5:00pm Grand Final


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