DHW18 – Day 1 Recap

The first day of the last DreamHack Open stop of 2018 has started! Going into it we have some exciting names like G2, OpTic, compLexity and ENCE attending. Besides those teams we have some promising teams like LDLC, Heroic, x6tence Galaxy and Bravado who are also present in Sweden.

It begins…

The first match was between compLexity and x6tence Galaxy. Complexity started the game off with winning four rounds in clinical fashion on the T side after which x6tence could finally buy up. A big investment of two AWPs didn’t seem to help them for the round as Complexity took not only that round, but also the following round. However, in both rounds x6tence managed to hold on to the big guns.

After taking the 8th round it looked like x6tence were getting into the groove. They lost one more round before taking 4 rounds in a row. Complexity managed to take the last round of the first half and were in the lead by 10 to 5 going into the second half.

The second half started off with compLexity taking the first four rounds thanks to ShahZam stepping up massively. With the scoreline at 14-5 there is some resistance from x6tence who take a round by clinically taking out the players on the opposing side. After taking that round, x6tence followed that up by winning 4 more. At 14-10, Complexity do eventually reach match-point and only need one round to take the match. They move on to the winner’s match.

The Wall vs. the Travellers

The second match of the day was between the #GreenWall of OpTic Gaming and the newly moved team from South Africa, Bravado. Going into the match OpTic Gaming was the overwhelming favourite, they started it off very well by winning the pistol round.

Following that pistol round win the game went back and forth with multiple economic reset being established by both teams within the first 10 rounds. Eventually it’s Bravado who string together a few rounds and they end up taking the half 10-5. The highlight of the first half included ELUSIVE denying a defuse with a last-second knife kill and running down time.

The second half looked grim for the Danes as Bravado took the pistol, however the second round went the way of OpTic who bounced back and won the next two after that too. The game did keep going back and forth as Bravado won a round with a broken economy in-between things.

OpTic fought back and got themselves back on top after being behind almost the entire they took the lead late into it. At 13-12 it seemed like the entire game was still open for anyone as Bravado tied the game up again. Again the game just kept going back and forth as the game concluded on the 30th round as the South Africans upset the favoured Danes 16-14.

Will there be peace?

With Peacemaker back as the coach of Heroic they immediately proved themselves to be successful by winning the Toyota Master Bangkok. LDLC have proven to be quite the team themselves with their good placing at IEM Chicago. This match-up on paper seemed to be an extra interesting one.

The game started very well for LDLC who took the first five rounds against the Danish side after which Heroic finally bounced back by taking their first round. After taking the first round it seemed like Heroic completely reinvented themselves during the game as they only dropped one more round in the first half.

The second half was a breeze for Heroic as the Danes (+2 Swedes) took the game 16-6 in the end. Friberg stated that they quickly adapted in the game and that what did to adapt worked out very well for them.

The Finns and French

G2 vs. ENCE sounds like a great game on paper. The start of the game seemed to be the property of ENCE as they quickly started leading. They held onto that lead as G2 struggled to win rounds and failed to win two rounds in a row in the first half. Going into the second half ENCE lead by 11-4.

The second half however quickly showed to be different. G2 started winning multiple rounds and while ENCE did pick up a round earlier on at 12-11 it looked like G2 who could tie it up were in control of the game.

As the last phase of the game progressed it ended up G2 who took the lead at 15-14. The round looked bad for G2, but with an heroic play by shox it ended up being closed out right then and there. G2 would now face Bravado later on for a spot in the semi-final!

The Group A Winners

After compLexity and Heroic both won their opening matches they ended up facing each other on nuke to decide which team would be the first one to qualify for the semi-final.

The first half was anything but an even affair. Heroic dominated and quickly lead by 11-2. CompLexity didn’t seem to be able to get back into it and while they repeatedly got in a decent position to win a round they weren’t able to muster anything besides the last round of the half. Heroic lead 12-3 going into the second half.

Heroic who now had to finish it off on the T side of nuke started out by swiftly picking up the pistol round. CompLexity won three rounds following that pistol round after which Heroic grabbed a 14th and a 15th to knock on the door of victory. While compLexity can hold off their defeat at 15-10 Heroic seal the deal and claim their spot in the semi-final by taking the game 16-10 on nuke.

Vintage Kenny and a new region

The second winners’ match was between the new G2 roster and the South African squad of Bravado who have beaten OpTic earlier today to get there. The match was set to be played out on nuke, a map that is one of the better maps of the South African squad.

The first half was interesting as both teams kept it even consistently throughout the first half. G2 being on the CT side seemed to be favoured to take the first half in the end. However, in the end G2 collected themselves, kept their economy up to claim the first half 9-6 after they won the last three rounds in the half.

The second half went on were the first ended. G2 won the first three, but after those three rounds Bravado stepped up a little and won three rounds of their own. At 12-9 it looked like a crucial gun round could decide the fate of the game. Bravado succeeded in taking the round and following it up with 3 more and taking the lead in the game.

At 14-12, G2 looked like they might get themselves together as they grabbed a round, but what followed was a disaster as Bravado took the next one even though they were in a 3v5. With G2’s economy in shambles the South Africans take them down and win the game 16-13 and go through to the semi-finals!


Day 2 will bring us a lot more CS action as we’ll be broadcasting four best of threes. We’ll see the elimination matches followed by the decider matches to decide what the playoffs bracket will look like.


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