DreamHack Winter 2018 – Day 2 Recap

A hailstorm of frags

Day 2 of DreamHack Winter starts with a clash between X6tence Galaxy and Team LDLC. The latter being the absolute favourite.

Going into the game it looked like LDLC played the veto game very well, but it quickly became clear that X6tence was a force to be reckoned with on Nuke as they defeated LDLC swiftly 16-4.

The second map was Mirage and LDLC had a far better start to the game, but in the end after it being a back and forth game it was X6tence who walked away victorious after all thirty rounds. While LDLC are eliminated, X6tence now had to face compLexity later today for a spot in the playoffs.

The big two

OpTic and ENCE were the next to battle it out and the veto ended up going almost exactly as Bleh predicted it to be. Nuke, Train and Dust II were the maps which would be played.

The Danes started out very well in the first game and took a 10-5 lead on Nuke, after switching to the CT side OpTic struggled a lot more, but in the end they closed out the first map 16-13.

The second map was a different story, Train was ENCE’s pick and it showed. They quickly got to map point and while OpTic did win a few rounds before ENCE closed it out, they didn’t struggle. Train went to ENCE with a 16-11 scoreline.

The third map was Dust II. The same map that OpTic played earlier in the tournament against Bravado and lost on. The first half was a little back and forth, but ENCE lead with 9-6 going into the second half. It proved too much especially when ENCE picked up the pistol. They closed out the series by winning Dust II 16-9.

Talents and complex cases

X6tence Galaxy who did beat LDLC earlier today faced off against compLexity for a playoff spot. The established North American team was favoured, but also shaky.

The first map was rough for both teams as X6tence started off strong, but CoL came back into it, eventually X6tence got the dice rolling again and defeated them 16-11 on Nuke.

Inferno, the second map again started off very back and forth. CoL went into the second half with a slim lead, but X6tence turned up big-time and lost all but 3 rounds in the second half to win the game 16-11! They advance to the semi-final tomorrow where they’ll face Bravado.

The rematch…

Earlier in the tournament ENCE faced G2 and lost, but this time around they were out for blood.

G2 faced ENCE on Mirage, Overpass and Dust II. Mirage was all ENCE who took the map 16-11. G2 did go head to head with ENCE throughout the first half, but ENCE got ahead in the second half and once they got to 15 they closed it out swiftly.

The analysts eluded to the risk of picking Overpass from G2. The roster had not been seen on that map yet and as you could expect the map was incredibly close. Eventually the Finns gained the upper hand and closed it out 16-13. They’ll face Heroic in the semi-final tomorrow.


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