Announcing talent for DreamHack Summer

Photo by @Helena Kristiansson

In barely one month’s time, DreamHack ASTRO Open will hit Jönköping and DreamHack Summer with full effect, with eight CS:GO teams fighting over a $100,000 prize pool. Today we’re announcing the broadcast talent for the event, and we’re particularly happy to welcome a certain individual back to Sweden. Lauren “Pansy” Scott will be joining our DreamHack ASTRO Open line-up, together with some other familiar faces who will do their best to make the event a memorable one.

Broadcast Talent


Host – Alex “Machine” Richardson
Interviewer – Pala Mantrousse Gilroy Sen
Analyst – Halvor vENdetta Gulestøl
Analyst – Jacob Pimp Winneche
Commentator – Vince Metuz Hill
Commentator – Dustin “dusT” Mouret
Commentator – Lauren “Pansy” Scott
Commentator – Niels “rizc” Topp

Watch CS:GO Live!

DreamHack Summer will go down between June 17th – June 19th. Be a part of the event and watch the games live on location in Jönköping, Sweden! The only thing you need to enjoy DreamHack ASTRO Open is a valid entrance ticket. You can find one here.

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