North wins DreamHack ASTRO Open Montreal

Without dropping a single map through the entire tournament, Danish squad North has won DreamHack ASTRO Open Montreal. They do so after defeating Immortals in the grand final, winning the series by 2-0, thus taking home the first prize of $50,000.

The semifinals started with CLG against Immortals, and after CLG’s solid performance yesterday things were looking good for the American team. On Train they made a strong CT side (10-5). However, Immortals, still going strong since DreamHack Masters Malmö, proved to be a different challenge. After the switch, the Brazilians turned the game around, winning first map with 16-14. On the second map of Inferno, Immortals continued to perform, taking the map by 16-10 and securing their spot to the grand final.

In the other semifinal between North and Cloud 9, the two teams also started their first game on Train. North, showing excellent form throughout the tournament, opened with a demolishing T-side (11-4), then taking a quick 5-2 after the switch. The following game on Cobblestone turned out in a similar fashion were a strong start gave Cloud 9 a difficult time to catch up. With the map ending 16-11, North went on to face Immortals in the grand final.

The grand final itself turned out to be a rather short one. With the first map being forfeited by Immortals for not showing up on time, the match came to be decided on the second map of Cobblestone. Even though it was Immortals own pick, North proved too strong. After the first half, the Danes were leading 11-4, and with Immortals inability to win rounds in the second half, North managed to grab the championship in Montreal.

Thank you for watching this weekend! We hope that you enjoyed the tournament and the broadcast! Only two stops remain of DreamHack ASTRO Open this year, and next one is one month away. Join us then as we go to DreamHack Denver.

Prize distribution

1st – $50,000 – North
2nd – $20,000 – Immortals
3-4th – $10,000 – CLG, Cloud9
5-6th. $3,000 – Kinguin, Luminosity
7-8th. $2,000 – Gale Force, compLexity


Day 1 – Friday

Group B – Match #1 Cloud9 – compLexity – 16-5
Group A – Match #1 North – Gale Force – 16-14
Group A – Match #2 CLG – Kinguin – 4-16
Group B – Match #2 Immortals – Luminosity – 16-5
Group A – Winner’s Match – North – Kinguin – 16-11
Group B – Winner’s Match – Cloud9 – Immortals – 13-16

Day 2 – Saturday

Group A – Elimination Match – Gale Force – CLG – 0-2 (9-16, 1-16)
Group B – Elimination Match – compLexity – Luminosity – 0-2 (13-16, 10-16)
Group A – Decider Match – Kinguin – CLG – 0-2 (11-16, 10-16)
Group B – Decider Match – Cloud9 – Luminosity – 2-0 (16-12, 16-5)

Day 3 – Sunday

Semi-final #1 – Immortals – CLG – 2-0 (16-14, 16-10)
Semi-final #2 – North – Cloud9 – 2-0 (16-6, 16-11)
Grand Final – North – Immortals – 2-0 (16-FF, 16-9)

Video on demand

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