NiP wins DreamHack ASTRO Open Valencia

After a strong performance throughout the tournament, the swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas are the champions of DreamHack ASTRO Open Valencia, winning $50,000. And what a tournament it has been!

NiP wasn’t the only swedish team who found their form in Valencia. In the semifinal between Swedish Red Reserve and Danish Heroic we saw an absolute crazy series of games. On the third and last map Mirage, Heroic took a great lead, but lost momentum which enabled Red Reserve to crawl back into the game. At the score 15-14, Heroic was looking to take the series, but it all came down to milliseconds when Red Reserve’s Maikelele managed to disarm the bomb on B in a clutch situation, buying them OT – and indirectly – the game.

The grand final was however a totally different challenge. Red Reserve had already experienced NiP’s new line-up in the group stage, losing 16-3 against the ninjas. After losing on Mirage with decent results, Red Reserve collapsed on Cache with the score 16-2, giving NiP their first big win in 2017.

We hope that everyone have had a great event! In just one week’s time we dive right into the next DreamHack ASTRO Open – this time at DreamHack Atlanta. Join us then!

Final results

1st – $50,000 – NiP
2nd – $20,000 – Red Reserve
3-4th – $10,000 – EnVyUs, Heroic
5-6th. $3,000 – CLG, KPI Gaming
7-8th. $2,000 – Misfits, NRG


Day 1 – Thursday

Group A – Match #1 – EnVyUs vs KPI Gaming – 14-16
Group B – Match #1 – CLG vs NRG – 16-11
Group A – Match #2 – Misfits vs Heroic – 8-16
Group B – Match #2 – NiP vs Red Reserve – 16-3
Group A – Winners Match – KPI Gaming vs Heroic – 8-16
Group B – Winners Match – CLG vs NiP – 10-16, 2-16

Day 2 – Friday

Group A – Elimination Match – EnVyUs vs Misfits – 16-14, 6-16, 22-18
Group B – Elimination Match – NRG vs Red Reserve – 16-9, 11-16, 10-16
Group A – Decider Match – KPI Gaming vs EnVyUs – 3-16, 10-16
Group B – Decider Match – CLG vs Red Reserve – 10-16, 16-14, 24-28

Day 3 – Saturday

Semi-final #1 – NiP vs EnVyUs – 8-16, 16-10, 16-9
Semi-final #2 – Heroic vs Red Reserve – 16-13, 14-16, 17-19
Grand Final – NiP vs Red Reserve – 16-10, 16-2


If you missed the games, you can always watch the VODs over on our youtube channel!

The tournament has been filled with crazy bomb moments, and one that really shines is the 15-14 situation between Red Reserve and Heroic.

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