FlipSid3 are the Leipzig Champions

After three days of battling it out in Leipzig only one team can become the Champions and take home $50,000. Hometown heroes BIG fought their way to the Grand Finals, but FlipSid3 were too strong of a team to beat, as they dominated the match 2-0.


Your champions are FlipSid3! They take away $50,000 USD and are the DreamHack ASTRO Open 2017 Champions here at Leipzig!

Final Standings

1st – $50,000 – FlipSid3
2nd – $20,000 – BIG
3-4th – $10,000 – Heroic
3-4th – $10,000 – Team LDLC
5-6th – $3,000 – Fnatic Academy
5-6th – $3,000 – Vega Squadron
7-8th – $2,000 – qwerty
7-8th – $2,000 – Rogue


Did you end up missing the whole tournament? Maybe want to catch up on some of those sick plays? Head on over to our YouTube playlist or simply watch below!

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