DreamHack Summer Survival Guide

If you want to know everything about DreamHack ASTRO Open, look no further. We have prepared a guide with all the info you need about our upcoming CS:GO event.

Eight of the best teams from Europe and North America will fight in Jönköping, Sweden, from June 17 to 19. Six of them received a direct invite, while the others earned the right to participate through regional qualifiers.

The tournament has a $100,000 prize pool up to grab, with $50,000 for the winner. Follow all the action at dreamhack.tv!



Saturday 17th (BO1)

13:00 Group A – Match #1 – BO1 – br SK Gaming vs dk Singularity
14:30 Group B – Match #1 – BO1 – cis Gambit vs us CLG
16:00 Group A – Match #2 – BO1 – eu Mousesports vs br Immortals
17:30 Group B – Match #2 – BO1 – sw Fnatic vs us Cloud9
19:00 Group A – Winners Match – BO1 – TBD vs TBD
20:30 Group B – Winners Match – BO1 – TBD vs TBD

Sunday 18th (BO3)

11:00 Group A – Elimination Match – BO3
14:00 Group B – Elimination Match – BO3
17:00 Group A – Decider Match – BO3
20:00 Group B – Decider Match – BO3

Monday 19th (BO3)

12:00 Semi-final #1 – BO3 – A1 vs B2
15:00 Semi-final #2 – BO3 – B1 vs A2
19:00 Grand Final – BO3

Broadcast Talent


Host – Alex “Machine” Richardson
Interviewer – Pala Mantrousse Gilroy Sen
Analyst – Halvor vENdetta Gulestøl
Analyst – Jacob Pimp Winneche
Commentator – Vince Metuz Hill
Commentator – Dustin “dusT” Mouret
Commentator – Lauren “Pansy” Scott
Commentator – Niels “rizc” Topp

Prizepool Breakdown

1st. $50,000
2nd. $20,000
3-4th. $10,000
3-4th. $10,000
5-6th. $3,000
5-6th. $3,000
7-8th. $2,000

Watch CS:GO Live!

DreamHack Summer will go down between June 17th – 19th and everybody knows that the best way to watch an esport tournament is live! The only thing you need in order to enjoy DreamHack ASTRO Open is a valid entrance ticket and you can find them here.

If you can’t make it to Jönköping, Sweden, we will be streaming the show on multiple platforms live online, links to these will be provided as we approach the event.

Stay Updated

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