Atlanta day 2

Today, the DreamHack Atlanta attendees saw the Elimination and Decider matches play out in DreamHack ASTRO Open. Tomorrow we will see who will go on to win the tour and $50,000 USD.

None of the survivors from the elimination matches managed to move on to the playoffs. Instead, HellRaisers and Team EnVyUs will join Heroic and Renegades for tomorrow’s games after a solid performance in their respective matches.

Results day 2

Group A – Elimination Match – Binary Dragons vs Misfits – 12-16, 14-16
Group B – Elimination Match – NRG vs GODSENT – 7-16, 16-8, 11-16
Group A – Decider Match – HellRaisers vs Misfits – 16-7, 16-14
Group B – Decider Match – EnVyUs vs GODSENT – 19-16, 16-7

Day 3 schedule

Times are in EDT.

Sunday 23rd (BO3)

10:00 am: Semi-final #1 – Heroic vs HellRaisers
1:00 pm: Semi-final #2 – Renegades vs EnVyUs
5:00 pm: Grand Final


If you missed any of the games you can always watch the VODs on the DreamHack youtube channel. Please note that it may take some time before the latest videos are added to the site.

ScreaM and Team EnVyUs continues to impress in this tournament. Do they have what it takes to go all the way?

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